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What makes us different

  • Challenging Rebirths
  • Test (and shatter) your boundaries with a rebirth system that allows you to get stronger without limits, while still giving value to every single level up! If you're tired of grinding from 1-200 with nothing to show for it, and you don't wanna play a server where you're given hundreds of rebirths like they're nothing, then Arctic might be right for you.

    Arctic's training system allows you to enjoy grinding; you can grind or party quest 'til you get your 3rd job advancement, then you'll hit your level cap of 75. Complete a simple quest that sets you back to level 10 while keeping your skills and Ability Points, and continue to get stronger with nothing stopping you. With each rebirth, your level cap gets bigger, allowing you to unlock job advancements and skills along the way.

    An endless grind is no fun, so you'll have plenty of activities to keep you sane. Fight ferocious bosses with your buddies, go hunting for the skill mastery books which you'll most definitely need later on, or just sit around in Henesys and chill with our residential Henehoes - they don't have much experience with anything past level 10, so tell them about your adventures if you wanna impress them!

  • Game-Defining Occupations
  • Kick off your Arctic life by picking one of 7 occupations. Whether you wanna grind until you have more rebirths than anyone else, farm mesos 'til you're as rich as President Trump, or you just wanna sit around Henesys and bomb unsuspecting slackers, there's an occupation waiting for you!

  • Expansive Gachapon
  • Try out your luck by purchasing a Gachapon ticket and praying for a godly reward to fall within your grasp. A staggering 3000 unique items are available, 2000 of which are equips. You won't find them anywhere else!

  • Nostalgic Party Quests...
  • Party up with a few mates and tackle one of our very generous party quests to reap that wonderful EXP. Pick from the adored Kerning PQ, Ludibrium Maze PQ, and Henesys PQ, all with buffed HP and EXP to make them more worthwhile. There are no rebirth limits on PQs so you'll never have to abandon your favorites! (More party quests will be released with time!)

  • ...and brand new Party Quests?
  • If you're up for a challenge, try out Arctic's very own Boss PQ by speaking to Rosette in Henesys! Face a formidable array of bosses with a worthy party (or solo, if you like that sort of thing) and try not to die. When in the Arctic Arena, your strength will depend heavily on your Boss PQ level, a custom level & EXP system designed exclusively for the Arena. There are four different difficulties and over 100 different bosses, can you take them on?

  • The Best Events
  • Arctic has an eclectic event selection with games that are designed to keep players begging for more. Wanna test your agility by avoiding a tagger in various different event maps? We have that. Free-for-all events where you try to bomb other players to their deaths? The most challenging Jump Quests? Pure luck-based events? We have all of that. If you're good (or lucky) enough, you might have enough Event Trophies to get yourself some...

  • Items of Choice
  • A seemingly unending list of rare equips that people only dream of affording. Over 5000 NX and non-NX items are offered - find the perfect style for your player, the possibilities are endless. Rent these items at a relatively cheap price, or show off your grandiose sense of style by buying permanent items at full price. Or head over to our @dressup room to try them on for free. (Or stick to a basic look if you're intimidated by all this.)

  • Vote Rewards
  • Even Arctic is empathetic at times and offers some easy-to-get items. Just vote for us (click at the heart icon above) and receive free Vote Points every 24 hours. Type @vote in-game to view a tempting heap of vote rewards, including omok sets, NX Cash, gachapon tickets, and EXP/MESO/DROP cards!

  • Higher Version Content
  • In addition to the original features enriching the game you've grown up with, we've implemented lots of content from the latest versions of Maplestory. The most dazzling hairstyles and faces, blood-curdling mobs and bosses, jaw-dropping sceneries in maps you may have never seen before, the mightiest weapons and armor, and of course, thousands of the freshest new NX equips to top it all off. A brilliant explosion of new graphics and effects to make your gameplay more exciting, and we have much more of these coming in future updates.

  • But wait, there's more!
  • Arctic is still young and we have so much in store for the future. All the above features will be expanded upon and optimized, and we will be bringing even more content that you haven't seen before. This is nothing!